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Our professional commercial painting company has highly-trained painters who have years of combined experience to provide high-quality painting works with precise attention to detail and excellent workmanship and bring the vision you have to life.

We will provide a plan specially designed to fit your needs and budget in an accurate timeframe to complete the work. Creating a solution for your commercial painting projects is what we do and we use ultra-premium products to help ensure the life of your commercial painting results.

Our commercial painting contractor understands that business is important to you and your customers, so we provide the best service with minimal disruption to your business operation and we make sure that we meet all your business needs.


External Painting Process

To achieve the best quality we follow systematic process to best suit our client needs

💯 We communicate with our customers about our painting process so they have all the information they need about our painting process and our products follows Singapore Standards and we always recommend products with Green Building Certificate.

✨ Our process is easy to follow (see the video), so you can be sure your building looks fabulous! 

🌟 Knowing all the steps of our painting job and the application processes will help make you feel more secure, confident, and comfortable about our painting job.

🌟 With proper surface preparation and professional application of coats,  contribute to a more durable and attractive finish for your building exterior.

Other Services

We offer tailor-made solutions based on your project needs. We don’t just specialize in Professional Painting Works. We also provide construction-related works and services including Repair and Redecoration, Renovation, and Building Maintenance servicing for both Public and Private Sectors comprising Government Bodies, Industrial REITS,  Commercial / Industrial Building Spaces, and Residential Units, as well as Landed Properties.

Repair & Redecoration

Restore your building spaces appearance by engaging our services. We develop & provide a wide range of concrete repairing & re-decorative solutions, perfectly suited for your building estates.

Hacking Works

Our team performs professional hacking services such as hacking of existing walls and floor tiles, existing door frames, fittings, and accessories, existing kerbs, carpentries, built-in cabinets, counters, skirtings and other finishes including parquet and various types of flooring in the building premises.

Water Proofing Works

Our waterproofing process will help reduce humidity inside the building and protect your building from damage caused by excessive humidity or water.

Dismantling Works

Dismantling works require precautionary measures in place so our team will do a full and detailed plan of action on the use of support structures for safe and efficient dismantling. Our popular services include dismantling built-in cabinets, furniture fittings, wardrobe, kitchen sink & hob, ventilation hoods & sprinkler system, and false ceiling.

Working Access & Equipment

We offer different types of equipment to provide a working access platform in executing our projects, keeping in mind a safe working environment for our workers. (Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Scaffold, Gondola, and Rope Access

Haulage & Disposal Works

We understand that after any hacking and dismantling works, debris removal and haulage can be troublesome. Worry no more! Meptech is here to provide hauling services from the point of origin to the premises/construction site and also debris clearing and disposal for the accumulated waste during the renovation process.

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We pride ourselves in providing tailor-made solutions for our Clients

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