General Building Works

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We offer tailor-made solutions based on your project needs. We don’t just specialize in Professional Painting Works. We also provide construction-related works and services including Repair and Redecoration, Renovation, and Building Maintenance servicing for both Public and Private Sectors comprising Government Bodies, Industrial REITS,  Commercial / Industrial Building Spaces, and Residential Units, as well as Landed Properties. Meptech is capable of handling all aspects of building maintenance and service across all industries. This includes addition and alteration works, renovation and refurbishment works for your buildings’ internal and external upgrades or maintenance such as extensions, new builds commercial and residential refurbishments and other forms of general building, plumbing, electrical and tilling works. Our team of expertise cater to the various building needs.
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Maintenance Works

We understand your needs to maintain your buildings. Thus, we commit to keep, restore and improve every part of your building estate by maintaining its appearance to avoid any deterioration and sustain its value. We are here to provide you with skilled and experienced workers who will cater your needs for your building facilities maintenance.

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Reinstatement Works

Revert and rebuild your building spaces back to its original state. We offer complete reinstatement works to offices, retail establishments and other industrial spaces which includes hacking works, demolishing works, dismantling works, disposal of haulage and debris works, electrical works, touch up works and painting works.

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Preventive Maintenance Works

We aim to prevent decay & degradation at your vicinity, maintain its structural stability & safety, prevent unnecessary damage from weather or from general usage & optimize your buildings performance. Our services includes regular inspections, cleaning of buildings & grounds and servicing of selective building equipment.

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Addition & Alteration Works

Upgrading Works

We understand that a building is not only maintained but also upgraded to further prevent any deterioration. With this, we aim to support building owners to develop & further improve their building spaces for a more comfortable & safer environment. Such works involves installing of some modern design carpentries, fixtures, panels,etc.

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Interior Works

Got a space but it doesn't suit your taste? Worry no more! Our team are here to help you in customizing your interior areas to suit your wants and needs for a more comfortable feeling. Our services involve minor addition and alteration works such as repainting interior walls, carpentry works, installation works, and many more.

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Hacking / Demolition Works

Our team performs professional hacking and demolition services such as hacking and demolition services such as hacking and demolishing of existing walls, floor tiles, partitions, door frames, fittings, accessories, kerbs, carpentries, built-in cabinets, counters, skirtings and other finishes including parquet and various types of flooring.

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Repair & Redecoration Works

Patching of Holes / Cracks Filling

Patching up any visible fine / hairline cracks and filling of holes / cracks up to 2mm width with an appropriate internal and external grade patching compound (DNT Putty). Non-structural cracks of more than 2mm width shall be hacked to form "V" groove and filled with a non-shrink cement mortar.

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Wall Plastering Services

Thinking of re-plastering your current wall and restore it to a brand-new look? We provide plastering services to smoothen all uneven surfaces, repair wall cracks and even peeling of a prior surface paint layer for a good plastering finish resulting to an aesthetic rejuvenation of your building spaces.

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External Facade Repair Services

Our services includes maintaining of a building exterior from the deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants, inferior materials and other factors through installing, restoring, replacing, or repairing of awnings, windows, doors, claddings, patching of visible external facade cracks and other architectural features.

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Working Access & Equipments

At Meptech, we offer the following types of equipment, designed to provide a working access platform in executing our projects on high building spaces and keeping in mind a safe working-at height environment for our workers.

Boom Lift

Boom Lift is the most common type of lifting machinery considered as the highest reaching elevated work platform. It is an ideal elevated work solution which allows the workers to be raised & moved horizontally and vertically to complete a wide variety of projects & tasks including the works in outdoors, industrial, maintenance & construction projects.

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Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift is a work platform which can only move in the vertical plane on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated to perform work at different heights. This type of lift are commonly used for Exterior Building Repairs, Window Installation, Cladding, or even Window cleaning.

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Scaffolding, also called scaffold or staging is a temporary structure used to elevate and support the workers and materials to aid in the Construction, Building Works, Maintenance and Repairs. This type of working access offers a much more safer platform than of a ladder and other working access platform.

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Rope Access

Rope Access is a safe and cost-effective method of accessing high rise building structures which is widely used in Repair, Maintenance, Inspection and Access Work across different industries. It allows the workers to move to a different parts of the building structure with ease and speed without the need of using any other work platforms.

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Gondola, which is also known as a lift pod or suspended scaffold, is an electrically-operated, temporary suspended access equipment ideal to access working at heights on high-rise buildings which allows the workers to work comfortably & safely. Its features enable a strong construction efficiency, easy erection & less manual labor.

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Other Services

Water Proofing Service

Our waterproofing specialist in Singapore will help to reduce humidity inside the building and protect your building from damage caused by excessive humidity or water:
Touch-on Membrane, Polyurethane Grouting, Roof Tile Sealing Membrane.

Provision of Service Technician

Aside from our Main Services (R&R Works, Professional Painting Works, General Building Works, A&A Works, Waterproofing Works and Working Access & Equipment, Meptech also provide Skilled Service Technicians to cater Building Maintenance Projects of various buildings and industries in Singapore.

Haulage & Disposal Works

We understand that after any hacking and dismantling works, debris removal and haulage can be troublesome. Worry no more! Meptech is here to provide hauling services from the point of origin to the premises/construction site and also debris clearing and disposal for the accumulated waste during the renovation process.

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